Terminal City

by Adrian Teacher and the Subs

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"Terminal City, the debut album by former Apollo Ghosts leader Adrian Teacher, documents a rapidly changing Vancouver, an endangered planet, faltering relationships and personal loss. It is a return to classic form – filtering heavy subject matter through the 2.5 minute frantically upbeat power-pop song, while giving gentle musical nods to 70s UK pub rock."

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released May 27, 2016

Amanda P-Drums and Vocals
Robbie N-Bass and Vocals
Adrian Teacher-Guitar and Vocals


Ridley Bishop-Sax // Chris-a-riffic-Keys // Aaron Read-Violin // Mef, Cole and Jory-Vocals

Terminal City was recorded to tape at the Bottle Garden in Montreal by Peter Woodford and also recorded and mixed by David Carswell at JC/DC studios in Vancouver. Mastered by Joshua Stevenson at Otic Sound.



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Adrian Teacher Vancouver, British Columbia

Adrian Teacher
Vancouver, B.C.

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Track Name: Emily Carr Punks
I never learned; same summer sunburn here.
Oh they lied-- summer wine.
Sail! Across the Salish Sea

21st century,
 that was me-- at 22

1,000 acres of cedar trees

Bus wires snap off, spark lightning
Van City
So that I could be with you

And you could be with--you could be with me.
Granville strip.

Searching for Emily Carr Punks.
I can’t go home. Why not?
I found my home.
Track Name: Victory Square
Oh my god you got your mojo back
You never were that slack
You had to want it to receive it
On the cover of a magazine
Another victory....
You had to want it to believe it!

How could you do that to me? Baby.
Put it up on the marquee.

You're all that I know
The places you go
All that I know
The roses you grow
Along the dirty road

There she goes-- she’s had a heart attack
And as you catch her back
Always thought it would be you first
Floor the truck and get her out of here
And you can barely steer
The stop signs do not matter

Please rest assured that
It never occurred to me
Armed in the tender age
Your poetry fucked with me
If you don’t climb trees then you can’t feed the birds
It was never the melody and always the words
Track Name: Called Up
Vape another cigarette
Pass another head shop
It’s beside that head shop
Counterculture hey-hey-hey
It’s another top bun giving me a headache

Smart enough to know he’s done
Hoping that he’d be the one
That he would get called up

Tore our poster from the pole
And someone keyed the F-word in the elevator
Never seem to play it right
You, you’re trying to make it
Me I’m trying to fake it

Her advice read
Her advice…they can’t get to you
In your head
In your heart
In your mind
Or your fucking guts

Used to wake up late
Greasy breakfasts all the time
Everything was easy
Felt the sun against my eyes
Never did like parties
Never did it for the prize
Or to be called up
(Ditch the party)
Track Name: Charmless Babes
All day long I sit and stare
While charmless babes walk everywhere
And Delicas and breweries surround me
Coffee shop economy
Friends that cannot make ends meet
Nothing left you’ve been priced out and left town

But not you: you leave the light on!
A bedroom light.
For me, tonight, and when I stumble home

“I can’t believe it. Why are we still here? What the hell happened?”

Yuppies walk their puppies hand in hand
In front of taco stands
Luxury is charmless and it’s hopeless ...but not you.

“What was here before, some kind of 'mom and pop'? They’ve really cleaned it up, haven’t they?”

Well, how would you like to be remembered?
I hope that you believe in somebody new.
But I’m with you.
Track Name: Terminal City
After eating a delicious bowl of Pho
at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant
I walked across the street to the show-room
It was summer and there was nothing to do
The woman smiled at me said:
"Is there anything you liked to know about the neighbourhood?"
I told that I'd lived here for ten years.

We all know that
I cannot save it!

"This neighborhood has lot of character.
Lots of new restaurants and shops," she said.
"We're bringing the west to the east."

We all live in a terminal city
back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Track Name: Forget America
The crows are coming home
Clouds begin to drift
20 years of schooling
And they put you on the split shift

This is how I live
This is how I love
Everybody's tired
Everybody's wired

This City
Is sick
But I'm not
Sick of it
It's your fault
It's my fault?
Who sold it?
Forget America.

Vision that they had
Vision that they flaunt
Everybody lives
Like a debutante

I work hard
You make art
You're bankrolled
By father
This hood so
Damn Boho
You killed it
She said so
Track Name: Westfalia 79
Old Westfalia 79
Bought it from that friend of mine
Then we used it to see the world
Now it's tarped up near the car

I built houses, you stayed home
with the children--simple life
Then I started drinking hard
I salute you from the yard

Ultra modern, ultra light
Built our castle in my hand
and I drowned there everyday
She's the one that got away
Track Name: I Feel The Same
In the light of a hundred eyes
I could do anything that I wanted
Oh lightning gets me every time
Wrinkled palms when she asks for a dime

A decent life
Is what you wanted
But I feel the same

In the light of a thousand eyes
I could do anything that you needed
Oh gentlemen in the paper bag crowns
One palm up and the other one down

In the light of a million eyes
Couldn't help you even if I wanted
Gentlemen go to heaven she said
Track Name: Weird at Shows
Everyone is tired of me
It's how the story goes
All alone, I'm weird at shows
And I don't know where to go

Wash the ink stamp off my wrist and
I crush a couple of cans
I'm not here for any bands
Cuz I'm just a casual fan

So I ride through the alleys that I like
Cracked walls that show the demise
At the park, some alcohol
The sun burns holes in my eyes

There's a certain way that the light curves
And I'm just a bundle of nerves

There's a sure fire way to stay angry
It's not something that I deserve
There's a sure fire way to get happy
But I'm just a bundle of nerves
Track Name: Be Prepared to Stop
Maybe we should stop
This hotel looks grand
I wonder if my credit card will be declined again?

Let's drop our bags
And lock our bikes together
Near the lake that shines on
Your cotton summer dress

Down to the dock
I drink my beer
You find that turtle in the grass
I put some zebra mussels on my chest
Be prepared to stop